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Pineapple Sage Candle

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Savor the exotic blend of aromatic sage and sweet pineapple with this captivating scent.

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Pineapple Sage Candle | Classic Collection

Indulge in the alluring combination of aromatic sage and sweet pineapple. These two distinct scents come together to create a harmonious blend that will captivate your senses. Allow yourself to fall in love with this exotic mixture.

For a flameless alternative try Pineapple Sage Wax Melts

Did you know that pineapple sage is actually a plant? Here’s a guide to help you grow your own pineapple sage.

Fragrance notes:

Pineapple, Rosemary, Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Sage, Cedar, Sandalwood, Anise


Each Pineapple Sage candle is handcrafted with a blend of paraffin and soy waxes, premium fragrance oil infused with essential oils, and a cotton wick. Topped with a black lid.

Medium Candle

Net weight: 9 oz/255 g

Measurement: 3.06″ wide by 3.44″ tall

Mini Candle

Net weight: 3.5 oz/99 g

Measurement: 2.16″ wide by 2.7″ tall

Safety Guidelines:

To prevent fire and serious injury:

Burn candle within sight. Keep away from drafts and vibrations. Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire.

  • Always trim the wick to 1/4 inch before lighting
  • Never burn longer than 4 hours at a time
  • Allow the wax to solidify before relighting
  • Keep candle free of any foreign materials including matches and wick trimmings
  • Dispose of the candle when 1/2 inch of wax remains inside the container

1 review for Pineapple Sage Candle

  1. logage4u (verified owner)

    Unbelievable combination! This is one of the new scents and I ordered in the mini to try out and will for sure be happy to go big and this will be one I will be gifting. It really smells AMAZING. Great job putting these scents together!

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