Wax Melts

Wax melts are the flameless alternative to a great smelling home. You have a wide range of scent options to choose from to transform your living area into the perfect getaway.

Experiment by putting multiple scents together in your wax warmer to create a new aroma and make it your own signature scent. The options are endless.

Be sure to use our wax melts with an approved wax warmer.


Place 1-2 cubes into the warming dish. Allow them to melt completely then enjoy the room filling aroma.

When your melts are finished giving off a scent, it’s time to remove the wax from the dish. A quick and easy way to remove the wax is by taking 2-3 cotton balls, place them in the dish and allow them to absorb the melted wax. This process is fast so make sure you don’t walk away. Your warming dish is now ready for more melts!

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